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Welcome to Tutoring with Ms. Susan LLC, where Ms. Susan offers engaging and collaborative group tutoring sessions for your child's academic success.

The First session is always 50% off - $25/hr $50 per hour

Ms. Susan understands that each child has unique learning needs, and her group sessions are thoughtfully designed to cater to 2-4 children, ensuring personalized attention and effective learning. Conducted conveniently online, these group tutoring sessions not only provide academic support but also foster essential social and teamwork skills through collaboration and learning from peers. With a tailored curriculum and an educational yet enjoyable approach, Ms. Susan strives to make learning a delightful experience, motivating your child to excel in their studies. Join her group tutoring classes on this journey of exploration and growth, as she empowers your child to achieve their fullest potential in a supportive and encouraging virtual learning environment.

The First session is always 50% off - $15/hr per child $30 per child

Ms. Susan's group tutoring is an affordable alternative to one-on-one tutoring

Ms. Susan's group tutoring sessions offer an affordable and accessible alternative to one-on-one tutoring, making high-quality education within reach for families from all walks of life. Ms. Susan believes that every child deserves the opportunity to excel academically, and her cost-effective approach ensures that parents can provide their children with the support they need without straining their budget. Through collaborative group tutoring classes learning in small groups, students not only benefit from the expertise of Ms. Susan, their skilled tutor but also learn from their peers, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared success.

Group tutoring sessions tailored to specific needs of 2-4 children

In Ms. Susan's group tutoring classes, she takes a highly personalized approach to cater to the specific needs of each group comprising 2-4 children. As their online tutor, Ms. Susan invests time in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each student, allowing them to tailor the curriculum accordingly. By focusing on individualized attention within the group dynamic, Ms. Susan creates an engaging and enriching learning environment where children feel valued and empowered to excel. Her goal is not just academic improvement but also to instill a lifelong love for learning and self-development.

Convenience and flexibility of conducting group sessions online

The convenience and flexibility of conducting online group tutoring sessions present a game-changing advantage for both parents and students. Say goodbye to commuting woes and fixed schedules. Ms. Susan's virtual platform brings the classroom to your home with her Online Group Tutoring Classes, allowing children to participate in sessions at their preferred time and location. Parents can now save time and effort while ensuring their child receives the educational support they deserve. Ms. Susan's seamless online experience, complete with interactive tools and engaging activities, keeps children motivated and focused throughout the learning journey.

Ms. Susan works closely with the group to identify areas of improvement and customize the curriculum to address specific learning needs

Ms. Susan is an exceptional educator who is dedicated to nurturing the potential of every child in the group. With a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching, she collaborates closely with the students, getting to know their learning styles and aspirations. Ms. Susan believes that a personalized approach is key to unlocking each child's true capabilities. Through feedback received on Online Group Tutoring, she identifies areas for improvement and tailors the curriculum to address specific learning needs. Her unwavering commitment to the growth and success of the group ensures that every child thrives academically and gains the confidence to face any challenge.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment for Children

Ms. Susan firmly believes that a positive learning environment is the bedrock of academic success and personal growth. Ms. Susan's group tutoring sessions are designed to be nurturing, supportive, and encouraging, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the children. She celebrates each child's achievements, no matter how big or small, and creates a safe space for them to ask questions, share ideas, and explore their curiosities. By cultivating a positive atmosphere through Ms. Susan's Online Group Tutoring Classes, she inspires children to take risks, overcome obstacles, and develop a growth mindset that propels them toward continuous improvement and excellence.

Happy Client Reviews

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We’ve had a wonderful experience with Ms. Susan as our tutor for my second grader. She is so invested in helping kiddos succeed and it shows she spends the time to prepare for their session and focuses in on what a child needs to work on. We would recommend Ms. Susan over and over to anyone not just with a child struggling but also just for some extra practice outside of school.

Nicolette Magee


Testimony quotes
Testimony quotes

Ms. Susan is amazing! She is very dedicated and thorough in her methods. She makes the weekly tutoring sessions fly by for our child by doing a variety of targeted and specialized activities. Our son always looks forward to his sessions with Ms. Susan. We have seen real improvement in his grades as well as a boost in his confidence.

Nicole Ozdemir


Testimony quotes
Testimony quotes

Ms Susan is a calm, caring, patient person and it shows in her teaching skills. Tutoring this way is such smart convenient modern way to help our children out. Thank you for doing a job I definitely can’t do.



Testimony quotes

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